This can confuse and excite a vast number of people in equal measure. How can rubbing nails help with your hair growth? lost hair & nail rubbing help in regrowth of hair.


What is Nail Rubbing?

The nail bed is made up of nerves which are connected to the scalp. With regular nail rubbing, blood flow and oxygen is stimulated to the scalp. The ancient Indian practice of Yoga refers to nail rubbing as “Balayam.”

The composite word Balayam is derived from two words – bal, which means hair, and vyayam, which means exercise. So basically Balayam, or nail rubbing, is an exercise for the hair.

Benefits of Nail Rubbing For Hair Lost Problem :-

Recurrent rubbing continually stimulates the scalp and helps rejuvenate hair follicles, while also enhancing your hair growth by controlling DHT (dihydrotestosterone). This can result in thicker and stronger hairs

Balayam (an ancient nail rubbing exercise) can even stop hairs graying, to some degree.

As an aside, it is shown to soothe headaches and help heal neurological disorders of the brain.

Balayam it has been found that it’s the most effective form of yoga for hairs, and the best natural remedy to help control falling hair and regain lost hairs through hair loss.

After How Much Time Exercise Will Be Benefical For Us?

Balayam can be practiced by anybody, regardless of age or gender. In a good deal of cases, it works slowly but gently, and will produce the expected results after a long, consistent exercise of at least 6-7 months and Hair Lost problem can be solved easily.

To produce expected results, nail rubbing exercises should be done daily for 10 minutes, split over four sessions of 2.5 minutes each(longer the better)

Warning for people who does not do Balyam:-

  1. Pregnant ladies having the pregnancy of more than 2 months (as rubbing nails may cause uterine contraction.
  2. Balayam yoga may be harmful to people who have a problem with high blood pressure.
  3. Those having a history of high blood pressure and hypertension (since it elevates blood pressure).
  4. Those suffering from skin or nail infections, lesions, or sore and/or diseased or brittle fingernails (as it may make your condition worse).
  5. Those dealing with surgical conditions such as angiography, appendicitis, etc. (the elevation in blood pressure may cause health complications).

Common factors for hair problems are:

  1. Thyroid ailments
  2.  Hormonal imbalances
  3.  Smoking
  4.  Anemia
  5.  Heavy prescription medication
  6.  Hair dye with a high ammonia content
  7.  A vitamin B12 deficiency
  8.   A deficiency of protein
  9.   Old age and hereditary influences

Fingernail Rubbing:

Rubbing the left and right hand’s fingernails with each hand can be a powerful practice to help to cure hair fall and to increase your hair growth.

Although straightforward, it is a very effective technique and a powerful hairloss solution. Apart from being convenient, quick, and pleasant, this technique is highly relaxing and comes without cost.

The technique is tried and tested and definitely shows the desired results and it can be a potent amalgamated solution for all hair lost problems.

How to Perform To Reduce Hair Lost problem

Hold your hands together and fold your fingers inward. Start by placing the fingernails of each hand against each other. Now with a regular swift motion, rub these against each other for 15 minutes, per session.

It is a straightforward technique and can be performed anywhere and at any time of day.

Fingernail Rubbing Benefits:

1. Aids in preventing hair loss.

 2. Reverses the baldness issue.

 3. Prevents the graying of hairs and restores natural color.

 4. Typically it will take 3-6 months to see improvement from hair loss.

 5. 6-9 months to see new hair growth.

 6. Up to 12 months to see noticeable regrowth and considerable increases in hair volume.

The Theory behind it

Adult stem cells are homogenous cells which are found throughout the body after embryonic development. They can make duplicate copies of themselves for long periods of time, and reproduce via cell division to replenish any dying cells, while still regenerating any damaged tissues for self-renewal and self-healing.

 Adult stem cells have the unique ability to heal themselves, and whenever tissue becomes damaged, adult stem cells are triggered to produce these new cells that can regenerate any damaged tissue, and revitalize the part of the body which was damaged.

These adult stem cells are most commonly found in the brain, spinal cord, blood vessels, and bone marrow, and also in other areas of the body, including the eyes. Stem cells which are located in a hair follicle will, in fact, cause the hair growth.

 It is the rubbing of fingernails which stimulates the brain to send chemical signals toward these adult stem cells located in the damaged hair follicles. The adult stem cells then rejuvenate and renew the base of the damaged hair follicles and with their ability of self-renewing, they then produce new hair follicile.

Now, with this fingernail rubbing technique, you can manipulate these adult stem cells which will become new hair follicles, and accelerate your hair growth by revitalizing any damaged follicles to reverse hair loss and baldness.


Reflexology through stimulating certain parts of the body might directly affect other specific parts of the body too. Nerve endings which are just under your fingernails are directly connected to hair follicles, or your scalp. With the rubbing of your fingernails together you begin to increase blood circulation to your scalp.

Thus, the rubbing procedure (over time) increases blood flow to the scalp and helps with the strengthening of your hair follicles. This, in turn, reduces your hair fall and premature graying.


Be sure not to rub your thumbnails together as this might accelerate the growth of a beard, mustache, or other facial hairs. It can also increase hairs in the ears. Avoid fingernail rubbing during pregnancy – rubbing nails could cause uterine contractions as well as elevating blood pressure. Make sure to avoid it in some extreme surgical conditions; such as acute appendicitis, or angiography, or similar. Now a days hair loss is common and nail rubbing help to come out of this problem.

It should not be performed on problematic skin or nails if you have infected sores or lesions, or on brittle and diseased nails. People who have a history of hypertension should avoid forceful rubbing of fingernails because it could elevate blood pressure. Avoid any long, excessive, and vigorous rubbing as it might damage nails permanently. Only rub the fingernails gently for 2.5 minutes per session, four times a day, for optimum results.

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