How to Stay Healthy In COVID-19 Epidemic

How TO Protect Yourself From Outbreak

With the outbreak of corona dieses has put the whole world in lockdown situation, staying healthy has become the most important in this time. With social distancing and self isolation being taken as preventive measure to break the chain of the covid-19. Many of us are stuck at home all the time with child care, full time work from home and other responsibilities. To Stay Healthy In Covid-19 Epidemic is important.

Healthy Eating

Maintaining a healthy routine to keep yourself happy and healthy in COVID-19 is necessary. Building up a strong immune system with health eating habbit is the need of hour to fight against the pandemic. Some of healthy tips that can help you to build a strong immune system.

  • Maintain fresh fruit and vegetables intake.
  • Limit processed food.
  • Use healthy and nutritious dried or canned alternative.
  • Vitamin C has been used to help prevent the common cold. It will also help to maintain healthy sin that provides a barrier to germs and other harmful invaders.
  • Vitamin D both a hormone and a vitamin plays vital role in health. Our body can make vitamin D o its own when your skin is exposed to sunlight, so try to get some sun whenever you can. It will boost up your immunity.
  • Turmeric is a spice it contains a bright yellow compound known as curcumin, which emerging research suggests might enhance immune system.
  • Echinacea is an herb that can reportedly help prevent the common cold. But is the reputation well deprved. A recent systematic review of randomized trials found that Echinacea may possibly have a mild protective effect against upper respiratory infections but does not appear to reduce the length or severity of illness.
  • Garlic a popular and pungent herb with a characteristic aroma, is widely believed to have antibacterial and antiviral effects, including helping to fight the common cold.

Yoga for better immunity:-

Yoga has been used for centuries in keeping the body functioning fit and fine. Yoga will help us in COVID-19 epidemic. If practice regularly yoga can recharge your body, get rid of toxins, negative energy and keep your vital organs functioning well.Here are four yoga poses, which you can try to recharge your immunity and cut down your risk of danger in covid-19 epidemic.


One of the basic yoga poses, pranayam can act one of the simplest and effective way to boost immunity and instill some vigour and positive energy into your body.
Shukasana and pranayam oth promote deep breathing which alleviates stress hormone, smoothen the heart rate and any nervous distress, all of which benefit immunity in covid-19 epidemic.


An immunity strengthening pose, fish pose or matsyasana is an elevated pose which detoxifies you and boosts energy levels. Plus, it can also open up nasal passageways and relieve congestion, which is excellent if you have been feeling under the weather.


As the name suggests, practicing viparita karani, which is more commonly known as the legs up the wall pose forces you to invert and distress. It also boosts nerve connections, improves blood flow and vitalizes your body. It is also said to be good for those suffering from reproductive and fertiligy problem.

4 Uttanasana

Inversion excercises like this yoga pose is a great way to relieve congestion and protect the sinuses and mucus membranes, which are the first form of defence. A pose which requires you to submit to the ground and bend over, it is one of the easiest ways to rejuvenate the immune system.


Sleep is essential for our bodies to repair cells, clear toxins, consolidate our memories and process information. There’s good evidence that sleep deprivation can have major impacts on our health negatively affection our psychological wellbeing concentration and even our emotional intelligence.
It can also increase our risk of developing chronic health condition, like diabetes, obesity and heart disease. it is necessary to take proper sleep in covid-19 epidemic.

If you’re finding it difficult to get to sleep because you’re lying awake worrying try to limit your consumption of the news before bed. It can also be helpful to reduce your exposure to screens in the evening, as the effect of the blue light on our retinas can disrupt our sleep quality.


Now more than ever, we need our friends. Evidence shows that social connectedness is as important for our health as diet, movement and sleep.
No, you can’t have a dinner party or a picnic in lockdown in person but not all social interactions have to be face to face to be meaningful. Try recreating them through vide calls you could organize a virtual dinner via apps like Zoom, Houseparty or good old Google Hangouts, or take a friend on a virtual walk or do a housebound avtivity together, like craft or drawing.

Calming Activities

While it might seem like the world is only talking about one topic right now, enforced social isolation could also provide the perfect opportunity for many people to take a break from the news cycle.

Cope With Stress And Anxiety in COVID-19

Positively cope with stress and anxiety induced by new precautions we must all now take to combat the spread of COVID -19 in our communities. Positive coping mechanisms would include excercise, meditation, reading, further developing certain skills or hobbies etc. use this era to increase your daily repetition of these positive activities and develop new or even better routines than you may have adhered to prior to the emergence of the current COVID-19.

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